Initial Consultation

2 hours

The initial consultation includes a detailed review of your intake forms, any lab work, current health concerns, and goals for working together. At the end, I will also provide you with some actionable steps to get started on your nutrition care plan.

Fee also includes up to 2 hours of individualized investigation of your health concerns and the creation of a personalized protocol.

If you’re interested in working together, please book the free consultation first so we can discuss if I’m the best person to address your health needs.

Follow Ups

1 hour

During our first follow up visit I will provide my assessment and plan to address your health concerns and goals. During later follow ups we will discuss how the plan is working for you, any changes in your health (including new issues), recommendations for further testing (or interpretation of any tests you’ve completed), and any adjustments we should make to your diet and supplement plan.


I also offer a 6-session package at a discounted rate. This package is for those are ready to make a significant change in their health.

1 two-hour initial consultation
5 one-hour follow up sessions