Microbiome Analysis

The microbiome basically refers to all of the microbes living within your body. Did you know that more than half of the cells in and on your body are not human cells, but other microbial species? Most of these bacteria live harmoniously with us and are actually necessary for optimal human health—without them, we may have developmental, metabolic, nutritional, and behavioral abnormalities, and maybe even die.

New research suggests that almost every human disease may have a link to the gastrointestinal microbiome including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), obesity, and depression. A healthy individual has a wide variety of different beneficial bacteria in their gut, which acts to “crowd out” the bad bacteria you may come in contact with. Problems can occur when you lose diversity in your gut or when you lose optimal balance between the “good” bacteria and the “bad” bacteria. This can be a result of frequent antibiotic use, antimicrobial herbs, alcohol, chemotherapy, appendicitis, and diet.

Your microbiome is a great place to start if you’re experiencing:

  • difficulty losing weight

  • persistent gas and/or bloating

  • depression, anxiety, or other mood imbalances

  • and many other chronic health problems!

New tests are able to analyze the diversity of your gut microbiome (with a % score) and report on the amount of every single bacteria found in your sample. I use and recommend the uBiome SmartGut and Explorer tests because their sequencing methods are scientifically sound and they produce reliable results.

But what do you do with that information?

How do you know if your diversity score is optimal?

Which bacteria are most relevant to your health concerns or goals?

What action steps can you take to improve your gut health?

That’s where I come in!

Once you have your results, you can book a MICROBIOME ANALYSIS CONSULT and send me the raw data (I will explain how to do this). A personalized microbiome consult will include:

  • A assessment of your health concerns or goals and why you’re interested in a microbiome analysis

  • An explanation of your diversity score results and what that means for you

  • Which bacteria you may have too much of and which ones you may have too little of—and what that means for your health

  • Which foods to eat to support the growth of beneficial bacteria that you may be low in

  • Which foods to avoid to prevent the growth of bad bacteria that you may have too much of

  • Personalized recommendations for supplements to rebalance your gut microbiome (including prebiotics, probiotics, and other nutrients to support gut health)

  • Answers to any of your burning questions about the microbiome, gut bacteria, the truth about probiotics, or anything else that came up during our call!

  • A personalized microbiome report summarizing your results and my recommendations


I have been trained by Dr. Jason Hawrelak, one of the leading experts in the gastrointestinal microbiome, irritable bowel syndrome, and the clinical manipulation of the microbiome. I completed his 10-week course on Gastrointestinal Imbalances during my Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine degree. I later completed his Stool Analysis Masterclass for health practitioners on the interpretation of uBiome reports. I love the gut!

Interested in learning more about your gut? Send me a message below! Let me know a little bit about you and your gut:)

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